6th April 2020 (her&her in lock-down)

It’s been one ‘hello!’ of a challenging month globally and personally too…what with Cydnei’s mum dying in March, (unrelated to Covid19 we […]

April 18th 2019 (Connectivity)

We’re writing to you from a special watery bolthole on the magical estuary of Wrabness – hunkering down in a friend’s beach […]

April 8th 2019 (Hybridising)

I bought a new saxophone last week – a “pocket sax”!  It’s rather an odd looking object…and despite its name, it doesn’t […]

29th January 2019 (Velocity)

  I snuggle round a roaring open fire on this chilly eve, wondering if snow will descend tonight in East Anglia, as […]

28thJanuary 2019 (Retreating)

A tiny barn near Cambridge hosted the first “her&her”creative retreat this weekend. Moving on from its former use as a storage space […]