Recorded in a deep underground space, a once watery vault beneath a retired Victorian pumping station in Nottinghamshire. Multi-instrumentalists ‘her&her’ bring their orchestra of weird and wonderful instruments down to this dark, resonant environment and improvise with the beauty beneath… imparting its mysteries and magnificence to the earth above. The music is full of solace, rawness and emotional connection to another world

The original reservoir improvisations have been sensitively overlaid in the studio with additional scoring and atmospheric sound design

‘essence of calm’ is the first EP in the Beauty Beneath series.

Track Listing

1. Tuning into the Ambience (52s)

Settle in to absorb restorative, underground sounds as ‘her&her’ attune to the cool, dark space. Candles flicker as the only light, setting the scene for the duo to explore the world of slow resonance and vibration

2.  Fragile Darkness  (3m 54s)

Colourful whirly tubes warm the air and hum an invitation…haunting saxophone and vocal notes surface in the dimly lit arena. The improvisation unfolds as the musicians begin to trust their new creative journey…a collaboration of sound and space

 3. Other Worldly (32s)

Singing bowls and chanting undulate together. A sense of retreating…gently floating in the water that once filled this enchanting underworld

4. Echoes of Memory (2m 03s)

Melodic shapes and shades appear in the darkness and bounce slowly around the damp, cavernous void. Ethereal woodwind and vocals expressing moments of warmth, tenderness and intimacy

5. Dueting in the Darkness (23s)

Clarinets converse in mysterious antiphonal tones, descending amongst the dancing shadows. Step in to solitude and contemplation, embracing your whole self

6. Singing Vaults (3m 01s)

The exquisite cathedral-like resonance invites playful exploration of echoes created by a single voice. Accompanying this extemporisation is the celestial purity of a harp, and the holding reassurance of a low woodwind drone

7. Reflective Breath (29s)

Conch and chalumeau join forces and resonate together, reminding us of our ancestral beginnings. Breathing life from the earth beneath that sustains us all

8. Droplets of Time (3m 31s)

A mellow bass clarinet groove warms the space, enticing a melodic journey to emerge…accompanied by the spirit of the reservoir, adding an occasional ‘splat-split’ of dripping water from the great arches

9. Awaken…to a nice cup of tea (15s)

Spoken voice, laughter and the universal sound of peace call us back to the light

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Catherine Shrubshall, Fiona Baines, Richard Kett

Catalogue No.


Track Listing

1. Tuning into the Ambience 0.52
2. Fragile Darkness 3.54
3. Other Worldly 0.32
4. Echoes of Memory 2.03
5. Dueting in the Darkness 0.23
6. Singing Vaults 3.01
7. Reflective Breath 0.29
8. Droplets of Time 3.31
9. Awaken…to a nice cup of tea 0.15


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