Who are 'her & her'?


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Cydnei  & Catherine bring together instruments from across the globe within their two-woman orchestra. They are professional musicians who have a long and wide history of music making on both stage, concert platform, TV, radio, schools, churches, universities, festival venues, woods, ponds trees and underground.  Having a modern day work portfolio, they combine working time as educationalists and therapists with their much loved performing.  For the past 2 years they have formed a collaboration as “her & her” to create improvisations, which bring to the listener the healing and joyful qualities of sound.


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What do 'her & her' do?

her & her do...

Sound Spas

 holistic centres,  retreats & festivals

her & her do…


private views,  arty parties,  open studios

her & her do…


weddings, funerals & shamanic gatherings

her & her do…


from nursery to day centres for elders

Sound Spas

holistic centres,  retreats & festivals

We invite you to relax, get comfortable and close your eyes while we guide you on a sound journey to explore and encourage healing. Read More

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