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her and her Catherine Shrubshall and Cydnei B

A fascinating Q & A with her & her

"One evening a couple of weeks ago I got myself blissfully and utterly drenched through to my very soul. Not with rain however, but with sound.

Billed as a Sound Spa Meditation Evening, my curiosity was aroused so of course I had to investigate and invited a beautiful Angel Healer and meditator friend of mine to experience it with me.

In a darkened room, snuggling down on comfortable recliners with blankets, around 20 of us were invited to close our eyes and take an hour long meditative, soundscape journey through our 7 ‘chakras’ with Catherine and Cydnei of Her & Her."

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Review 2 Halle gig Oct 2017
her and her Catherine Shrubshall and Cydnei B

Translation: Improvisation from Catherine Shrubshall and Cydnei Baines

"Improvisation is Everything - Improvisation Ist Alles" 

The English women Catherine Shrubshall and Cydnie Baines could take few of their musical instruments with them in the airplane. For that reason they had to improvise as they performed before an audience of 50 at the Old Leather Factory on Sunday.

That was good because improvisation proved to be the strength of the two artists. It was in this way that they turned out to be a highlight in the exhibition currently on show in the Gallery. Under the title "There is still time to change things" Gottfriede Strathmeier and Elizabeth Lasche are presenting abstract and colourful paintings as well as sculptures from wood (as WB has reported). And thus change, not ony of art objects but of performance too, came to be the central theme on Sunday.

The British guests, that Elizabeth Lasche had earlier got to know in Italy, had collected together many objects with musical potential from Elizabeth's flat in order to bring them to bear to highlight the art objects in the Gallery.

"We combine elements of composed fragments, melodies, rythmns and ideas" Catherine Shrubshall said and performed with clarinet, tonal sticks (?), wind chimes, as well as her own voice.

This made it possible for the piece created by the two musicians to really out shine in an original way. "They travel the world with their creations inspired by the female troubadours of the 13th century" explained Elizabeth Lasche before she too presented another facet of her own creativity. For in addition to her own eye catching pictures she has created magical stories on paper and he guests followed her from canvas to book as she read from her work "The Housefly".

She had drawn upon her own childhood as a vicars daughter for that work. "Our family was always very religious and for that reason I experienced many awful Sundays" Elsabeth remembered. For that reason the story was titled, with a wink, "The Suffering of young E"...

Translation: Brian Davey