With Love From... her & her

Released: October 2019

The exciting debut album from experimental multi-instrumentalists Cydnei B and Catherine Shrubshall (aka: her & her), in collaboration with composer/producer Richard Kett (‘him’)

Together they draw on “comprovisation” (a mix of composing and improvisation) to create a collage of soundscapes, textures and melodic lines…using the esoteric ‘her&her’ orchestra of voices, clarinets, himalayan singing bowls, wha wha, drums, bells, koshi chimes, conch shells, sansulas, saxophones, eagle bone whistles, pitch pipes, xylophone - plus anything they can beg steal or borrow to blow, hit or lay their hands on.

Their freely improvised and imaginative ‘otherworldly’ music encourages deep listening, mindfulness and meditation…taking the listener on a musically resonant and replenishing journey, drawing on influences from around the world and beyond…through meditative mantra grooves, soulful siren songs and drum fuelled tribal trancing…..and much much more!

Yes - all that wonderful layered sound really is just Cydnei and Catherine, with some wizard sound design and live axe attitude from Richard!

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'With Love From... her & her' Track Listing

'With Love From... her & her'

Track Listing

Purification (Vajrasattva Mantra) (7:01)

A mesmerising ‘her&her’ take on ‘Om Vajra Sattva Hum’. It is repeated 108 times, and can be used for meditation and chanting with…or just good old relaxing to! The aim of this arrangement is to settle and open the listener to a place of calm and stillness, alongside mindful awareness.

‘her&her’ top tip: you may like to envisage a purifying light entering the crown of your head, filling the space of your body with peace and tranquillity

Purrrfect (5:21)

A dream-like meditation track for chilling to, bringing a sense of comfort and nurture, and featuring Dave the gorgeous calico cat! The accompanying video can be viewed on youtube, telling the story of getting Dave’s enormous purr on the track, and the lengths we had to go to coerce her!  The bass clarinet and pocket saxophone layer up with Dave’s vocals purrrfectly! (ouch!)

La La lullaby (9:16)

An evocative soothing soundscape of a three-dimensional world and a mother’s love, keening to her child. Here the music soothes whilst representing “rupture and repair”. Calming, nurturing and womb-like…honouring the mother and child.  A warm virtual hug. The world is a safe place

Slumber (2:52)

Deep pranayama (control of breath) giving way to a dreamlike altered state of consciousness. Making way for rest and sleep…making way for something new….

Conch (2:04)

The ancients are journeying, with the soul’s arrival being announced by the conch…accompanied by a soundscape that is mystical, magical, and spiritual…representing arrival and the veil in-between

Sirens (6:05)

Luring the soul that has been delivered by the conch - a battle ensues with the sirens beckoning the newly freed soul. However, the pure soul wins through ‘transcendence of the soul’.

Intention for the listener: the haunting clarinet melody representing the soul’s delivery to the other world

Tribal Trance (6:01)

Freedom and spiritual awakening. Deeply connecting with the many layers. The dark and light worlds collide. Get with the groove and move your body! (see the video of 83 year old Janet - Catherine’s mum - shaking her booty to this with ‘her&her’ – the shamauri shake!)

Purification (Bazaar Mix) (13:26)

Traversing different continents with a hint at Arabian folklore. Connecting to our nomadic ancient past and roaming through vast deserts, sunburned dunes and valleys. The track invites the listener to move and dance …serving up a grand finale to the album  - a platform for extended solos and full-on fun…including live axe attitude from Richard!

And finally…

That’s all we’ve got time for…so it’s goodbye from her, it’s ta-ta from her…and it’s cheerio from him too! Till we meet again…Om Shanti