Sound Spas

 holistic centres,  retreats & festivals

We invite you to relax, get comfortable and close your eyes while we guide you on a sound journey to explore and encourage healing.

The vibrational massage qualities encourage your body and mind to rebalance and re-harmonise. Showering you with sound, the nourishment and self-care will leave you feeling nurtured and ready to face the world again.

Exponents and passionate communicators within their individual fields, her & her offer their Sound Spa sessions at a wide variety of events. They create soundscapes, textures and melodic lines with voices, clarinets, himalayan singing bowls, wha wha, gongs, drums, bells, koshi chimes, conch shells, sansulas, saxophones, recorders, pitch pipes, xylophone - plus anything they can beg steal or borrow to blow, hit or lay their hands on.

We also encourage deep listening, mindfulness and meditation... along with an open heart and the imagination to be taken on a musically resonant and replenishing journey. Read the Sound Spa Q&A with Bluebell Says

Watch this preview of a her & her Sound Spa from December 2018

“Live music with a difference.” Lifehouse Spa & Hotel, Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex

“The combination of voice, breath and instruments - a harmonious balm to the senses.”  Mandy D (sound spa client)

"A beautiful blend of healing sounds, musical artistry, and shamanic journeying." Kara Woods (Mindfulness Coach)

"The sound spa with Catherine and Cydnei was wonderful - I often struggle to switch off but it took me into such a deep state of relaxation! I loved the different instruments and the vocals were transportive. The whole set up was such a welcoming and peaceful experience, I'm looking forward to the next one." Lilly (sound spa client)

Selected edits from our Live Chakra Sound Spa, focusing on the seven cleansing Bija Mantra's, in order to balance the body, mind and soul...

Engineered and edited by Jonathan Glover - St Michael's Church, Essex 


“An amazing evening - my body felt clear and free from blockages - totally relaxing and like no other meditation or relaxation groups I have been on. Truly Fabulous.” 

“A truly immersive experience…..mind-calming and mind-blowing at the same time! Thank you”

“I had no idea what to expect from the sound spa as my friend said would I like to go for a relaxation evening and sound spa. Really looking forward to the next one (will be bringing extra padding to put under me next time) such a relaxing and interesting evening. Would love a day spa or even a weekend retreat if this were possible, Thank you for an amazing introduction to sound spa and relaxation!”

“The sound spa was a great, relaxing and calming experience which was well guided. It was nice to let go of the reins and just be drawn through this gentle journey. It felt amazingly personal, even though there were plenty of people in the room. High recommend”

“I liked that I was helped to have a personal focus for the evening and that the session tuned into each chakra which was announced as the session flowed. It was relaxing but energising for me.”

"Oh what a night...her&her. I’m feeling blissed out...I can feel that aaaaaahhhh in my throat that’s definitely shifting upwards. Thank you. You made it look pretty and you both sounded beautiful. I’ll be at the next one too. I think imma loving it!”