29th January 2019 (Velocity)


I snuggle round a roaring open fire on this chilly eve, wondering if snow will descend tonight in East Anglia, as anticipated by the BBC forecast?  I mull over my travel plans for tomorrow….mindful of leaving in good time whatever the weather decides to do. Even the thought of snow slows me down – which is a good thing!

My creative retreat with Cydnei B at the weekend highlighted the interconnection of speed and stress. We encouraged each other to drop the high performance pace and look at what it was doing to us. A slower tempo was set for the weekend, which bought us back to what was truly important…..and allowed us to find a freedom with our music. I’m aiming to carry this constructive behaviour in to my post-retreat life.

As I glance beside me at a long list of tasks that remain unaccomplished today I resist the urge to panic. I feel my heart start to race as I’m tempted in to a state of frenzy…..but I take a deep breath and choose to chill out instead. Hey – that felt good!


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