10th February 2019  (The Sunday Review)

I enjoyed an informal Sunday brunch meet with our marketing guru Beth this afternoon – in one of my favourite café “offices” in Essex. A discussion about brand awareness, publicity materials and the importance of sustainable company ethics ensued as we munched on roast chicken panini. I agreed it was vital as part of the “her&her” ethos, which was reiterated by the other “her” in Notts via FaceTIme.

The Essex hers moved on to dessert (apologies to Cydnei in Notts). The conversation shifted to the augmentation of the “her&her” waistlines and the desire for a new image – thinking colourful and flowing? We’ll get seamstress Sue on to it ready for the next photo shoot! The diary page is rapidly expanding too – 3 new SoundSpas in Notts coming up, alongside 2 more in Essex – and we’re all set to roll sessions out in London in May – yay!

We concluded our business date with coffee and discussions regarding our cute “Dave the Cat video” –commenting how well her purring supports the bass clarinet on our new meditation track. Watch out for a sharing on YouTube very soon – Dave is adorable and the track is simply soothing!

AOB? No – we’d exhausted the menu, and I was in need an afternoon nap …….



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