Catherine – live from London

21stJanuary 2019

I’m admiring the sophisticated art deco interior of “RIBA” in Regents Street (my “London Office” as I like to call it!) – lounging on a sofa and drinking a café latte from my new recyclable ecoffee cup

It’s been a long morning of fast track digital training, patiently dripped in to my luddite brain by lovely Liv (my long-suffering web designer). To break up the tutelage, there’s also been a flurry of blue sky thinking to feed back to the “her&her” posse… preparation for the next part of our journey via our first album

In the meantime, Cydnei and Richard are in Norfolk plugging away to rework the 4thtrack, and Beth in Essex is keeping her nose to the marketing grindstone. What a dream team!!

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