Winter Music Notes 2018

Article for TLS Magazine

Dear Thorpe Magazine Readers - 2018 is quickly evaporating as we approach yet another C…..mas – (can’t quite bring myself to spell it out yet!!), and I have to admit to missing scribing for your mag over the past few months – so here I am with you again, to see the year out! This time I’m delighted to be joined by my esteemed musical colleague and dear friend Cydnei B as co-writer for “Winter Music Notes” (we’re known collectively as ‘her & her’ these days).

‘her & her’ were excited to receive an invitation to share music and anecdotes at the November “Allsorts” gathering – secretly we were eager not only to (hopefully) entertain – but to see who made up the clientele of this Bertie Bassett evoking wonder…oh, and to step into the inner sanctum of the social club too! Picture the scene…the carpark, which on this dismally dank and dark rainy night was illuminated by the wonderous fish and chip van with unmistakably enticing aromas pervading the doorway of the Social club. Bright and lively, a smattering of friendly local-ites were quite happily feasting, chatting and quaffing back their chosen refreshments whilst we sauntered through with bags of instruments in hand. Causing a stir of interest, we set up our orchestra of ‘everything but the kitchen sink’, including singing bowls, conch shell and an enormous saxophone – helped by two first class roadies (thank you Linda and Alistair). The snug private room at the Social Club gradually filled with lively chatter as the room became ‘Allsorted’ and everyone was ready for an evening of intriguing fun. No-one quite knew what to expect – including us!

Catherine, being of local interest, regaled the audience with tales of her musical beginnings, and how stealing her poor mother’s Christmas present in the mid 70’s lead to a passion for music that would keep Catherine out of further miscreant activity for many a year hence. Poor Janet! Did she ever get a replacement pressie I wonder?!

And so the evening progressed with its meanderings through both local social history and musical improvisation…and Cydnei, along with Catherine eager not to miss a trick of bringing humour into the proceedings, enticed gleaming eyed audience members to ‘have a go’. The room became alive with ‘clangs’, ‘chink-a-chank-boings’ and ‘shikaticks’ of instrument sounds and jollity, and the community spirit was in abundance as everyone playfully explored the magic of sharing live music. This was a taster for the uninitiated and interested alike, and as the evening drew to a close, there was an unmistakable cheery atmosphere as the participants gradually sauntered out into the night air. We had had a lot of fun too. If your interest has been piqued, do come and join ‘her & her’ for a sharing of something completely different: A wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating sound spa experience on 20th December in Tendring. We’d love to see you!

Article published in Thorpe Le Soken Magazine December 2018